Why User Moderation sucks (for debate)

March 17, 2008 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

If you want to see why user moderation sucks for debate you need look no further than the Ron Paul echo chamber that Digg.com was for the period of Fall 2007 to the Iowa caucus. Take this article for example where the submission is some footage of Ron Paul that was apparently (I can’t say if it was) cut from the re-air of the Live debate.

Here’s the third most dugg comment from the article:

“If words could penetrate ass, Ron Paul just sodomized all of them.” — Plasmatica

And here’s what got dugg down:

“This clip was not cut from re-air.” — clarionhaze

“yep, I saw it on re-air as well. – innit great how people dugg you down for calling bullshit on the headline?

/not voting for him but I agree w/ everything RP said”  — JimSwarthow

And the most dugg down comment on the whole page:

“The problem with this digg submission is an example of Ron Paul’s problem. . or I should say his followers. This was NOT cut from the debate. I and EVERYONE else who watched saw this part. This could have been a good submission, by blatantly lying is not gonna help Paul.” — Cyberdactyl

The unfortunate thing about Digg’s style of user moderation is that it inevitably ends up being used as a tool to shout down dissent. This does more then just discourage the unpopular side from participating further. It creates an illusion of consensus that breeds complacency in proponents of the locally popular idea.


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